Investment Strategy

Success by Adhering


VLIETCO Capital has been successful by adhering to the following investment strategy:

Prudent Capitalization – Design financial structures that protect the financial viability of the Group’s investment and are flexible enough to meet the business conditions, internal capital requirements, and growth objectives of each project.

Alignment with Operating Partners – Emphasize sponsorship participation in the equity ownership of portfolio projects that closely align the interest of the operating partners with those of the Group.

Active Management – Establish close working relationships with project sponsors to ensure implementation of business plan and continue to focus on creating value throughout the development/redevelopment, management, leasing, and disposition process.

Local Market Expertise – Directly invest with established local sponsors with in-depth knowledge and experience in the local market.

Disciplined Investment Approach – Utilize conservative underwriting standards, through due diligence, and rigorous monitoring of all investments.