Company Information

Taking Pride, Giving Service.


VLIETCO’s Residential Group focuses on single-family homes as well as garden and mid-rise, in-fill residential communities.   Privately owned and operated, VLIETCO is committed to a “buy and hold” philosophy.  Because we are “in it for the long term,” building maintenance and tenant services are of paramount importance to us, the owner.  Response is fast. Bureaucratic red tape is non-existent.  Low vacancy rates and a strong record for tenant retention are the hallmarks of and the reason for the success that is VLIETCO Properties.


Exclusively Focused on Multifamily Residential –VLIETCO’s Multifamily Group is focused exclusively on apartment buildings, an asset class that competes favorably against other asset types over the long-term pursuit of favorable risk-adjusted returns. The income generated by buildings in the VlietCo Multifamily Group target markets tend to be relatively stable and predictable over time. VlietCo’s Multifamily Group targets core, supply constrained, infill markets with substantial barriers of entry that demonstrate above-average population growth and strong employment characteristics.

Conservative, Entrepreneurial Philosophy – VLIETCO Multifamily Group adheres to a conservative underwriting and acquisition philosophy, driven by a focus on:
– Acquisitions of well-located properties purchased at or below replacement costs;
– Supply constrained markets with strong demographics; and
– Opportunities to increase the cash-flow generating capability of the real estate.

Doing Good While Doing Well – VLIETCO believes that community development is essential to the overall success of our business and the long-term sustainability and well-being of our communities. VlietCo’s focus on rehabilitation and repositioning older properties located in infill markets and our focus on keeping these properties available for rental purposes allows for families to live closer to places of employment, schools, etc. they otherwise would. At VlietCo this is good business and we are thankful to the many private and public entities and relationships that make this work possible.

We recognize, embrace, and apply the best management practices and standards of care necessary to protect and preserve the environments around us and strive to incorporate green building practices wherever possible.