Our mission is to create value for our tenants, stakeholders and the community by developing and managing quality real estate properties. We operate through three main divisions:

VLIETCO Industrial Properties

Pride of ownership is evident at every VLIETCO Industrial site. All of our properties are characterized by superb major-arterial, rail and airports access, ample parking and electrical, quality design and construction and a consistently high level of maintenance.  Tenants of all sizes from start ups to Fortune 100 companies benefit from VLIETCO’s non-institutional, hands-on approach to the leasing and management of our portfolio of outstanding industrial properties.


VLIETCO Capital Invests in real estate projects with operating and developing sponsors, commonly as joint venture equity to develop, buy, reposition and manage assets primarily in the Industrial, Hospitality, Residential and Retail sectors.  Sponsors chose VLIETCO Capital due to our ability to quickly assess risk and structure joint venture arrangements while exercising integrity and maintaining a focus on relationships.

VLIETCO Residential Properties

VLIETCO’s Residential Group continues to focus on single-family homes as well as garden and mid-rise, in-fill residential communities.   Privately held and operated, VLIETCO is committed to a “buy and hold” philosophy. Because we are “in it for the long-term,” building maintenance and tenant services are of paramount importance to us, the owner. Response is fast. Bureaucratic red tape is non-existent. Low vacancy rates and a strong record for tenant retention are the hallmarks of and the reason for the success that is VLIETCO Properties.

Who We Are & What We Do

Who We Are

VLIETCO Enterprises is a privately-held real estate investment and development company founded in 2001.  Because of our varied expertise and simple structure VLIETCO Enterprises has the flexibility to look at a wide variety of investment opportunities and enter into innovative deal structures.  As a privately-held and closely-managed company, VLIETCO Enterprises is capable of acting quickly to take advantage of new opportunities.